Best Brawler without Star Power

hey everyone what is up and we are back with another blog and in today’s blog we are going to discuss, some best brawlers for brawl stars that can work even without star power,

this list can be useful when you are playing power, not only this but also in the challenges, they can work literally amazing without star power, but that doesn’t mean that they are not good with star power.

keep in mind that these brawlers need to be at level 9 to play with them.

let’s jump into it…

Best Brawler without Star Power:

1. belle best brawler:

belle is a really great sharpshooter, she can deal damage at long range, her jumping attacks like Jessie can help players to play easily in-game modes like heist or siege, and I think these are enough to make her playable in any mode without star power, also her first-star power protects her from taking damage which is good and lets her play even more aggressive. so if you have that it’s good but if you don’t have still she is good.

read more about her here:

2. lou:

when it comes to the siege, you then in power league what you will see is mostly players tr to take brawler who can completely take out the siege alone, and lou is one of the brawlers that comes into this category, with his super he can stop siege completely very easily, not only this but also he is really good in the hot zone and gem grab.

after the introduction of his second gadget [ by which he can deal freeze 50% ] he is now playable without star power, so if you see any map in which lou is good to play and he is at level9 go for it.

3. sandy:

one of the most dangerous brawlers to play against in the game for me is sandy, his super is literally too scary too face, in a map in which he can make an invisible path, between two bushes, and if you played properly with him you can snip enemies behind the walls,

his first-star power lets you heal your teammates while his second-star power deals damage to enemy brawlers, which is not too much not too necessary until you are playing in the higher leagues.

4. tick:

seriously tick,I am not joking, throwers are the brawlers which you had to practice a lot of time to understand, the strategy and how to deal with the problems in any situation, if you really wanted to play with throwers in power league, I would say to push him up to 500, to understand strategy without star power, then believe or not they are the best brawler to play, and talking about tick he is indeed of star power but with practice and some good teammates you can play with him even without the star power,

well, oiled is the best star power to play for tick, but I realized that he is really good even without his star power when I pushed him up to 700 trophies.

5.byron best brawler:

byron is one of my favorite brawlers since the release, his healing\ dealing damage to the brawler mechanism is really amazing and fun to play and the only problem with byron is that he is hard to master, which is the key to play with brawler without any star power, but once you had mastered him there is no way you can lose with him, his healing and dealing damage to brawler mechanism is enough to play with him,

his first-star power is one of the most useful stars power to play with him, with this star power he can pierce his attacks to the brawler, and in a rare case you will use it efficiently,

thank you for reading…

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