All Brawl talk details you may have missed about Brawl Stars

In this article I am going to talk about the in depth details of all the Brawl talk that might have missed, without wasting much of you time let’s just into it.

1. Skins in brawl talk:

Whenever they release a new update they always come up with a lot of skins, which adds spice into the game, Frank once said that they will release 200 skins this year, 2021, and on brawl talk they showed some amazing skins, at the momment we don’t know the price but after seeing the brawl stars brawl talk am sure I can predict the price of the skins.

Barley skins: 149 gems

Handsome colt: 79 or 49

Wizard Byron: 25,000 star points [30 wins in power league]

Princess Shelly: Brawl pass tier 1

El Dragon and Prince Sprout: 79 gems

Ninja Ash: tier 70 brawl pass

Note: The above prices are just predictions, once the prices have been announced we will let you know, just remember to stay tuned to our Facebook page for the updates.

Recently, Frank said that the Ninja Ash will get extra texture since players were not liking it, am sure we will see some new and improved Ninja Ash. Are you excited about this?

2. Showdown + the new game mode in Brawl Stars:

Showdown+ is the new game mode in Brawl Stars, it is pretty similar to showdown, the only difference is that the game mode has a feature takedown. It gives you a +1 trophy for every brawler you kill during the game. It will give an extra reward to players who will not hide in bushes and win the game just by playing competively and if they get 1st position then they will be rewarded +19 trophies in one single match.

Although when introducing this game mode on Brawl Talk, they kinda made a comment about the mode ending teaming. But I think this will increase teaming. Anyway we will see once the mode is released.

Another important thing I noticed was, you lose extra trophies when you get defeated. And even if you are at the winning position. So what happens if you get 5th position? +2 trophies with no killing, and +4 for being defeated at 5.

This is the thing that is making me feel scary. But if this comes out true, then players will shift on the 3v3 game mode. They also said that this can replace the showdown if players like it.

3. Brawl Stars Clan changes or Updates:

It was announced on Brawl Talk that they will make some changes to clans so that it might important to players to join clans. First change is limiting clan members to 30 instead of 100. And this is kinda controversial to some players, but what do you think? Is this good or bad change?

And am sure the change will be soon. And they other thing I noticed was some new badges. I guess we have to wait and see.

4. Next brawl talk date:

Due to brawl pass, I think the next Brawl Talk will be on 30th October. Note, this is just a prediction. But am pretty confident that the next Brawl Talk will happen after a month and there is plenty of reasons why I am saying this.

  1. They have introduced only one new brawler, which is weird most of the time they introduce two new brawler in every Brawl Talk, and in this brawl talk they just gave only one Brawler.
  2. Clan changes: Paula said that we have at least one month to remove some members from the clan, which is a concrete reason enough to say we will experience the next Brawl Talk in september.
  3. The next brawl talk date can be from 20th to 30th october, and on 31st October we will have haloween celebrations, and brawl stars had never missed haloween.

5. Diamond play button:

Brawl stars chann had the diamond play button since they completed the 10 million subscribers on youtube.

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