5 Major Changes in Brawl Stars After Season 7 Updates || Sneek Peak 1 || Brawl Stars Updates.

5 Major Changes in Brawl Stars After Season 7 Updates || Sneek Peak 1 || Brawl Stars Updates.

Hey Everyone what is up, I hope you all are doing great, and in today’s blog we are going to discuss 5 major changes that we saw in today’s sneak peek 1 in brawl stars and remember these changes will be available after the brawl pass season7

so let’s get started….

1.Respawning position:

before the update when you die it takes a few second to respawn or revive in the game, and when you respawn you will have full ammo, but the after the update things will be totally changed, after the update when the brawlers will respawn, they will have no ammo

i think they did this because of some game modes like showdown, where you die, and your teammates takes fight at the very moment when you are about to spawn, and then he or she dies and since you are immune, you can wipe out who team

or siege you can do this to get some damage on siege, and then go back to defend enemy robots with full ammo.

2. Balance Changes:

there are many balance changes we had seen, some of them and all of them are amazing, but we wil discuss some of the balance changes which will impact the game totally

lou’s hyerthermia:

lou’s hyperthermia slows down the enemy’s reloading speed, and after the introduction of new reviving system this will completely change the game, i think the brawler which will be impacted most by this are the brawler whose reloading speed is low like -piper and tick.

8-bit damage percent decreased:

8-bit turret will give 35% extra damage to enemy, and now his star power boosted booster will now deal 15% extra damage in total 50% like the older one, i think they did this because his star power plugged in is hard to nerf and buff.

Bo’s totem:

Bo’s totem will now have a health decrease like spawners had in clash royale, bo’s totem is really powerful in knockout maps ever after the nerf. totem will now charge super only once and then get destroyed

Nani super charge:

nani will now charge her super with 2 shots.

stu knockback removed:

STU will now not knock back any enemy when he hits someone with super. it is a nerf because now he can stop the enemy from attacking, but also a buff because now the fire trail will also deal damage.

3.Heavyweights will now charge super automatically:

Brawler like Jacky, El-primo, Bull, and Frank will now charge their super, when someone hits them, as per kairos time a very famous content creator of youtube has said that you have to get about 13000 amount of damage to get there supercharged fully, I think they did this to make these brawlers more playable in open maps, instead of maps with lots of bushes or walls, this literally changes the game because these are the brawler who are underrated too much in brawl stars

4.skin selection changes:

they didn’t change the skin selection completely, in fact, they did some tweak’s in it like if you want to select the gold or silver skin you have to press the icon below your skin and it will be changed,

for example: if you want to change the mortis with or without you can do it with the button below the skin

I think they did this because now there are many skins in the game and rolling over your favourite skin is a bit frustrating thing, so I think will really help us

5. knockout permanent changes:

Knockout is now going to be a permanent game mode, but also they did some changes and that is now the poison trail or smoke trail [like in show down] will start appearing after some time and then cover the map to make sure that at least someone get killed and the match will not be drawn.

this helps players in many ways:

  • players will not be able to run after killing one enemy
  • nani bo problem will also be solved